little man


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little man, is a lamp made of familiar forms, primary colors, and playful materials.  a new poem to the fluorescent light bulb.

each component is handmade to standard specifications, but no two lamps are identical.


W 13 x L 13 x H 33 inches
Powder coated steel
Lacquered ash & Nylon
T12 Fluorescent ballast included
Handmade in Detroit


little man is sculptural fluorescent lamp paying homage to analog toys of the past – metal tonka trucks and colorful wooden blocks – robust and timeless, passed down from generation to generation.

Spun from solid ash, the red sphere is shaped on a lathe, then hollowed out to create the inside cavity. Finished with a durable laquer that will stand the test of time.

a balance of playfulness and precision, all of it’s parts are custom fabricated by talented detroit fabricators. only 6 of these will ever be produced.

we engineered the blue cylinder, red ball, and black block to hold all of the electronics.